Very few breeders can afford the Inalas and Horisons of the industry - therefore we invested in buying of their sons & daughters, securing their superior genes. As early as September 2015, our first purchase was a buffalo from Thaba Tholo and in October 2015 we bought Blommie, daughter of well-known Bayeto. With a lot of persuasion we managed to acquire the daugher of of the magnificent Tyson, namely K3.

We then needed to find good genes from a bull and early in 2017 bought Molatedi (measuring 46,5” at the time & fathered by the well-known Senatla  50"). We were also looking for the sought after Matetsi bloodline and were fortunate enough to acquire Maverick 43.5” at a Piet du Toit auction in early 2017.  Maverick is an ideal combination of buffalo genetics with Matetsi on the dam’s side, Jessa 41” and the famous bull Horison 55” as the sire.

We have now acquired genes from the majority of SA’s TOP bloodline Buffaloes and Sables.

Our other speciality breeding programmes are Sable (Zambian / West-Zambian), Golden Wildebeest, Bushbuck, Nyala & Klipspringer.

We are committed to the conservation of all species as well as the selective breeding of top quality animals through careful management of various gene pools.

With our latest acquisition, the stunning Matetsi daughter Zea 35” we are overjoyed with excitement for our future breeding programmes here at VOORWAARTS.

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