Our Safari Hunting Packages and pricing are very competitive in their class - in their class means REAL HUNTING, not riding around shooting from the truck and my RHS Packages are ALL INCLUSIVE = NO HIDDEN COSTS that come and bite hunters after their hunt. Costs besides the Safari are Taxidermy, trophy export permits, customs trophy clearance fees and shipping of trophys to your home and any pre or post safari hotels, taxis / transport and tips.

4 - 6 hunting days is usually more than enough time to get the trophy game in our packages. Extra costs to hunters are clearly on each Package or on our Pricelists or Travel Hints FAQ pages, click on the left ( tips, taxidermy etc ) for Travel hint and Price lists. Hunters may find better deals than elsewhere, but then hunters need to ask those, is it REAL HUNTING and is it ALL INCLUSIVE , and is it in small areas or canned perhaps ?? Which our safaris are NOT.

Further, our herds are established WILD breeding herds of both sexes, for very many years already, on large open tracts of natural Africa habitat, not just trophy males brought onto ranches, so unsure of their new area, just to be shot soon after release, as is done by some other outfitters. No feeding of stimulants, no artificial feed, no medications, and no genetic manipulations is done on our game ranches.

We focus more on the hunt , the older trophys, and the natural habitat management, and we do not hunt with a tape, because we believe the TOTAL SAFARI and HUNTING EXPERIENCE makes the Trophy game hunted special - our track record of trophy quality over very many years speaks for itself, with many very happy hunters.

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